What PC does Gee Nelly Use?

  April 11, 2019

What PC does Gee Nelly Use?

Born in London, Gee Nelson is an established Instagram Model by day and an avid Twitch Streamer by night.

Playing games such as Dead by Daylight, SIMS 4 and Fortnite, ‘geenelly’ has amassed a growing community online and even went on to be awarded Summer in the City’s Streamer of the Year in 2018.

Coming from Xbox, Gee has taken the plunge into PC Gaming where she continues to stream high quality content and create regular videos for her YouTube channel.

So, what exactly is powering all of this? Let’s take a look!

The Outside

Firstly, lets take a moment to look at the vinyl work and cable sleeving. While it certainly doesn’t add to her FPS, it certainly does appeal to her love of glitter and all things blue! All of which is admirable through the tempered glass of the NZXT H500 Case.

Image of streamer Gee Nelson's Chillblast PC, showing the decorative blue vinyl case cover that gives the PC a glittery effect.
Image of the inside of streamer Gee Nelson's Chillblast PC showing the custom blue cables and LED lighting.

The Inside

Inside, we have everything needed to ensure every stream is a success and every Youtube video is rendered on time.

For the CPU we have a 9600k, the fastest 6 core CPU currently on the market. This CPU is perfect for ensuring the stream has access to what it needs, without impacting on the gameplay.

This is accompanied by G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3200mhz RAM to ensure we squeeze out every last frame while looking great at the same time.

With a blazing fast Samsung 970 Evo SSD for storage and Nvidia’s new RTX 2070 Graphics card, it is more than capable of handling any game thrown at it and no need to wait around!

Keep up with Gee!

If you would like to see more of Gee Nelson, you can swing over to her socials by following the links below:





If you are a streamer yourself in need of a new system or just getting started, we have a streaming system for every budget. If you give our Chillblast Sales team a call, we will be sure to help get you set up!

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