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Artistic intelligence

Discover Spark, a range of desktop PCs designed for creators and professionals. Choose from one of our carefully selected range or customise to your needs; let the PC do the hard work and free you up for the fun stuff

The creator range: specs fit for the job

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Speed when it’s needed

Every creator has different needs and there’s a difference between the spec you need for 3D rendering vs a photography PC. Our recommended models support different uses and give you the freedom to customise for your particular skillset. Broadly, there are four key elements to consider to speed up your pc performance: graphics processing units (GPU) are important for video editing and 3d rendering, in some cases fitting two gpus is called for. Plenty of memory (RAM) will help multitasking and handling larger jobs. Solid state drives (SSD) improve save and transfer times. The CPU is the workhorse processor of a PC - choosing a decent single or multi core CPU to power editing is a key part of any purchase.

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Scalable storage minimum fuss

Investing in high storage capacity ensures seamless workflow, faster access to files, and the ability to handle large projects without compromise. Chillblast PCs provide the storage options, customisation options (add more if you need!) and raw power that you won’t find on a laptop.

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Workflow efficiency upgraded

Do more of the creative work and let the PC do the heavy lifting. A new desktop pc will reduce manual tasks, create faster turnaround times, eliminate bottlenecks and save having to check, adjust, tweak. Ditch the dull stuff, that’s the PCs job!

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Tech support

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5 year warranty

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Windows 11 pro

Build a Custom PC

You think it, our experts create it

Build a Custom PC
You think it, our experts create it


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