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‘Lagom’ from start to finish...

We want to make your PC journey as smooth as possible, to reflect the simplicity in our Scandinavian-inspired PCs. From admiring the clean lines of the Fractal Design cases, to the day you place your new Hej PC in your home office, we aim to make the process as simple as possible. Find the right Hej PC to suit your needs and let us handle the rest.

Looking for more? Each PC can be configured to higher specifications for those who require that little bit extra.

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CaseFractal Design RidgeFractal Design TerraFractal Design North
Powered byRadeon 840MUp to GeForce RTX 4070Up to GeForce RTX 4090
ProcessorUp to AMD Ryzen 8600GUp to AMD Ryzen 9 7950XUp to Intel Core 14900KF
Available ColoursWhite, BlackJade, Silver, Black

White, Black


Bring your creativity to life...

Create, edit, record, render. How you bring your visions to life is your choice, and our Hej systems are here to make it reality.

Each system is thoroughly tested by our in-house team of experts to ensure your Hej PC is fully optimised and ready to go.

FIKA, REN and HYGGE support your favourite creative software:

*third party software sold separately.

Styling your gaming setup with Hej

How your home design can
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The Finishing Touches

DDR5 RAM Memory

This advanced memory tech boosts performance, enables multitasking, and ensures lightning-fast and stable rendering.

NVMe SSD Storage

Experience drastically improved system responsiveness, application launches and file access. Multitask without a drop in performance.

Silent Cooling

Quiet fan cooling creates a serene and distraction-free environment, ideal for content creators, gamers and professionals alike.

Gold Rated Power Supply

Optimised energy usage ensures stable and eco- friendly performance, reducing energy costs and further enhancing system reliability.

Windows 11 OS

Creatives and professionals can enjoy enhanced performance, productivity across a range of software.

5 Year Warranty

Your critical work is supported so you can enjoy peace of mind and long-term reliability.

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