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Spark Audio, our new line of creator PCs tailored for music producers. With robust processors and ample RAM, these creator PCs offer seamless performance for complex tasks. When equipped with high-fidelity audio interfaces, Spark Audio ensures studio-quality sound for professionals and enthusiasts alike, redefining music production efficiency and creativity.

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Unleash Studio-Quality Sound

Empower your music production with the powerhouse Intel Core i7-14700K, delivering seamless multitasking and uncompromising performance for the ultimate creative flow. The i7-14700K provides 20 cores and 28 threads for unparalleled processing power and efficiency in every studio session, setting a new standard in music production technology.


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Crafted for Sound Perfection

Tailored for music producers demanding high performance and efficiency, the Spark Audio Ultra boasts 64GB of DDR5 RAM, ensuring swift and reliable handling of extensive sample libraries, complex audio processing tasks, and seamless multitasking, all essential for professional music production workflows.


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5 year warranty

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Windows 11 pro

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  • Processor - Choose a high-performance multi-core CPU. An AMD Ryzen 7 or Intel Core i7 is a good choice. High clock speeds and multiple cores (at least 6-8) will help handle audio processing and multitasking smoothly.
  • RAM - 16GB of RAM is the minimum recommended for music production. For more complex projects and better performance, 32GB or more will provide a smoother experience.
  • Storage - Use an NVMe SSD for your primary drive to ensure fast boot times and quick access to applications. A 1TB SSD is recommended. For storing large libraries of samples and project files, consider additional SSDs or large-capacity HDDs (2TB or more).

Yes, all our Spark PCs are compatible with the most popular Music Production software, such as Albeton Live, Logic Pro X and FL Studio

Yes, investing in a high-end PC can save time and improve productivity. Faster processing, more RAM, and SSD storage can make your music production workflow smoother and more efficient.

At Chillblast we offer a free 5-year warranty with all our Spark PCs, giving you the added peace of mind to focus on the fun stuff. Our lifetime support, means you can.

The delivery time for a Chillblast Spark PC can vary. Chillblast is a UK-based PC Builder, so delivery times are often within 10 working days. We build your PC on site, ensuring it’s tested to our high standards to ensure your PC arrives in pristine condition. From time to time, this can take a little longer and we will update you at every stage of the build and testing process and once ready for delivery we'll provide you with up-to-date tracking information.

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