What are the best pre-built gaming PCs?

  March 21, 2023

What are the best pre-built gaming PCs?

What are the best pre-built gaming PCs?

What are the best pre-built gaming PCs?

Building your own PC is great way to learn about computers and to make the most of your money. But it can take a lot of time and the end result isn’t always going to be exactly what you want. A pre-built gaming PC, on the other hand, offers you the same component choices, but it guarantees you a fantastic gaming experience right out of the box – no screwdriver required.

But with so much choice out there, even among Chillblast’s systems, how do you know what are the best pre-built gaming PCs? That depends on what you’re looking for. Below are a selection of some of the best gaming PCs you can buy – just select the category that’s right for you.

Rather go through a flow chart of choices to pick your pre-built gaming PC? Try our gaming PC quiz.

The best AAA gaming PCs

If you want to play the latest and greatest games, with the highest of graphics, at the highest resolution and frame rate, then you need one of the best pre-built gaming PCs. Chillblast makes a number of fantastic options in this space, starting with the surprisingly affordable Fury Core gaming PC.

Image of the pre-built Chillblast Fury Core Gaming PC against a dark background.

Built inside the gorgeously classy Corsair Carbide Spec-06 chassis, this system packs a six core, AMD Ryzen 5 3600 gaming CPU paired with 16GB of high-speed DDR4 memory. To make sure it can render any game you throw at it, we’ve fitted it with an Nvidia RTX 2070 Super. This is one of the best high-end gaming graphics cards in the world, with plenty of power for HD and UHD gaming in all modern AAA titles.

To keep it snappy and load times short, we’ve fitted it with a 250GB Seagate barracuda 510 M.2 PCIExpress SSD too, with a backup terabyte of Seagate Barracuda storage for good measure.

All of it is cooled by Corsair’s gorgeous LED cooling fans, and the CPU is fitted with a Corsair Hydro H60.

If you need more power, though, we also offer the Nova Advanced which has an Intel Core i7-9700K and an RTX 2080 Super. It also includes 16GB of faster DDR4 memory, more than 2TB of high-speed storage, with a 240mm radiator keeping everything nice and chilly.

Image of the pre-built Chillblast Nova Advanced Gaming PC against a dark background.

At the very top end, for the 4K AAA gamers, we have the Elysium Elite gaming PC. It’s not cheap, but with a core i9-9900K and an RTX 2080 Ti, there’s no gaming PC on the planet that can do much more. It’s even packed with RGB LEDs, so you can make it do all sorts of pretty light shows to celebrate your gaming prowess.

Image of the pre-built Chillblast Elysium Elite Gaming PC against a dark background.

The best budget gaming PCs

There’s no better time to be a PC gamer than now, and that goes doubly so for those looking to buy  one of the best pre-built gaming PCs – especially if you have a modest budget. Today’s gaming PCs can be built for a fraction of what they could years ago, and they really last too. Gaming PCs today are likely to still be playing the latest games at great frame rates in years to come.

The Chillblast Luna Core gaming PC is a great example of this. It pairs an AMD Ryzen 3 2200G – a great entry-level gaming CPU with an Nvidia GTX 1650. Together they are more than capable of playing Esports games like Fortnite, DotA 2, League of Legends, and Rocket League at great detail levels and frame rates.

Image of the pre-built Chillblast Luna Core Gaming PC against a dark background.

Not sacrificing speed in any quarter, this little system also packs a high-speed M.2 SSD for fast game load times, and a terabyte of hard drive storage for the rest of your expansive game library.

You get all of that for just £640 – a steal.

If your budget goes a little further, for just over £900 we have the Neptune Advanced gaming PC. This upgrades you to an Intel Core i3 9100F CPU and an Nvidia GTX 1660 Super with 6GB of VRAM. It’s a perfect 1080p gaming PC that will run rings around most of your opponents systems, giving you a slight competitive advantage thanks to reduced input lag and the option of better detail settings.

Image of the pre-built Chillblast Neptune Advanced Gaming PC against a dark background.

The best quiet gaming PCs

Prefer your gaming PC whisper quiet? We don’t blame you. That’s why we crafted the Wraith series of gaming PCs which include a spread of component options inside a smart, silent gaming chassis. The Wraith Core features an AMD Ryzen 3 2200G and Nvidia GTX 1650 for great entry-level gaming while barely raising above ambient noise levels. The Wraith Elite ups the internal components to an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 and an Nvidia GTX 1660 Super for higher frame rate gaming without sacrificing ear comfort.

Image of the pre-built Chillblast Wraith Elite Gaming PC against a dark background.

Although the Elite’s CPU does output more heat than the 2200G, we fitted it with the fantastic Noctua NH-U9S, one of the best single-fan CPU coolers in the world. With six heatpipes and a low-noise fan attached, it keeps your processor chilly whilst barely outputting more than a whisper.

For those who want super powerful components but still want a system that doesn’t require wearing headphones, the Serenity range of Chillblast gaming PCs is a must listen. It comes with a range of components all the way up to a Core i9-9900K and an Nvidia 2080 Ti. To help keep noise levels down with these rather toasty components, we fitted the CPU with a powerful Noctua NH-U14S heatsink and fan combo, and padded the case with extra noise dampening foam. All the chassis fans are designed for low noise output, and we’ve even packed a near-silent Corsair 80 Plus Gold efficiency PSU to make sure there’s as little sound coming out of your Serenity PC as possible.

Image of the pre-built Chillblast Serenity Elite Gaming PC against a dark background.

The best small gaming PCs

Gaming laptops are a great option for LAN parties and mobile gaming, but have you ever considered a small form factor gaming PC? With a range of low profile components out there, these miniature systems are a great way to build a PC that you can tuck under your arm to take with you wherever you go – or make the most of the small gaming nook in your home.

Chillblast offers a range of excellent options. From the Mini ITX Ion Advanced, with its Core i5 9400F and RTX 2070 Super, to the super stealthy, slimline Fraction Advanced. It comes with the same GPU, but an even more powerful Core i5 9400F and you’d never know it was a super powerful gaming machine. Able to fit in well in a home office or bedroom gaming station, this trim PC is quiet, affordable, and more than capable of tackling the latest and greatest games.

Image of the pre-built Chillblast Ion Advanced Gaming PC against a dark background.
Image of the pre-built Chillblast Fraction Advanced Gaming PC against a dark background.

You pick it, we’ll build it

The best pre-built gaming PC is the one that’s just right for you, but if none of the ones we’ve listed are quite what you’re looking for, never fear. Chillblast also offers a PC configurator that lets you pick the exact components that you want for your gaming PC. From case, to graphics card, processor, and even down to the thermal paste on each of your pieces of hardware, it’s entirely down to you. You pick it and we’ll build it.

Whatever kind of pre-built gaming PC you want, we can make it for you. Have a play with our online tools, or give us a call to talk through your options and we’ll make the gaming PC of your dreams in just a few days.

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