Valorant Skye/Bind Attack Guide - Pro Tips

  May 21, 2022

Valorant Skye/Bind Attack Guide - Pro Tips

This Skye/Bind guide was created with the assistance of Fnatic Valorant team, so look out for the Fnatic Q&A sections for professional advice, and bookmark this page so you can refer back when creating your strategies.

Skye is a popular Inhibitor with valuable scouting abilities and performs extremely well when the fighting starts. Skye enables you to forge a path for your team, whilst providing healing support and aiding attack or defense strategies.

The most common role for Skye is to scout the map for enemies with her Seekers, and hamper the movements of the opposing team. Whether you are playing attack or defense, Skye plays a vital role on Bind. This guide and pro tips from Fnatic’s Valorant team will enable you to get the most out of your plays.

According to ValorBuff, Skye is the most popular agent on Bind at the time of writing. This is not uncommon, and you will also see her paired with Brimstone, Chamber and Raze.

Map stats for Skye last 30 days (Skye Bind guide)

In this Skye/Bind Guide

Bind Callouts

Let’s start with the Callouts for Bind map, which you can view and download below.

Valorant Bind Map Chillblast

It is always recommended to play a map until you have the callouts completely committed to memory, as map awareness is key to playing Valorant competitively. Usually, when you’re part of a close team, you will have your own callouts for certain maps, but these (above) are the most common you’ll hear.

Attacking On Bind With Skye

A Executes

Note: Flash = Hawk/Guiding Light & Dog = Trailblazer

A Short

The first attack strategy favoured by pros involves A Short, which is a pivotal area on the map during the first few moments of the attack. Making your way from the spawn to A Lobby, then into A Short, you will need to position yourself against the corner of the wall facing towards A.

Using Trailblazer, you are going to clear A Cubby, U-Haul and potentially also get a slight glimpse into A site.

A Short execute

You then need to return to A Lobby, and send out your Flash (Guiding Light) ability to enable your team to move on A. You will send your Flash against the wall of the building (see below), and as it makes a sharp turn around the corner, you should pop the flash to blind any enemies on the backside of this building (on A).

A Short A Lobby execute

At this point, your team can push into A. You will come round into A Short, send a Flash into U-Haul and pop. This allows you to move into A with your team, and clear the backsite and mop up any enemies who are pushing.

Showers Execute

On the other side of A Short, you can clear A by taking the Showers route, and execute from this side instead. Position yourself at the corner of the wall and send Trailblazer through to check the corners and cubby on the way to A. You might get lucky and find someone hiding in the cubby/boxes on your right as you enter A, or at the very least clear the area to move forward.

Showers execute - Bind map

On the approach to A, you can Flash through a hole in the roof, sending it into the main area of A. Pop the flash just before you go through the entrance to A to get good coverage and control before you enter the site. An alternative is sending the Flash round the corner as you near A site.

Skye Bind map - Flash ability guide

Once you are in the open area of A, you can pick off anyone thanks to the Flash, and your team can move freely. Sending another Flash through A Tower Heaven or even into spawn is a good idea, just be careful you’re not hitting teammates.

B Executes

You have some good options on attack with B site, two of which are approaching from B Long or from B Short/Hookah.

B Long Execute

The first thing you want to do on the approach to the site via B Lobby and B Long is use Trailblazer to scout the B TP area and B Garden cubby. An alternate approach would be sending Trailblazer from a little closer to site, but you risk getting caught out by hiding enemies.

B long Trailblazer execute

The next ability you should use is Flash, to blind enemies who are closer to you (you may even get an angle on anyone at the backsite). Pop the Flash quite high so you get good coverage:

B long Flash execute

This will work even if the opposing team are using a Viper Wall on the approach, so it’s a good tactic to keep in mind.

Fnatic Coaches Q&A - Valorant

Q. What are some good tactics post plant for Skye on Bind?

Fnatic VALORANT Head Coach Mini

Skye is often the B Long player on Bind as she can always get good information with her flashes and dog. The dog through the TP to clear showers is a very underrated high-level tactic. If your showers players have noticed the enemy team’s game plan is to take showers heavy then you might organize a play where the Skye will dog the TP and see if they are showers which will trigger a trap to crunch showers from the TP and from the front of showers.


B Short/Hookah Execute

A combination of Trailblazer and Flash will enable you to clear the Hookah area and the site. There are multiple ways you can do this, but a good tactic is to use two flashes and rush.

Your first Flash will take care of anyone in Hookah, and allow you to move in. It will also push enemies away from the window.

B Short/Hookah Execute

Next, pop another Flash high and left quickly through the window in Hookah. Your teammates can now rush with you. This takes care of anyone immediately outside of the window and at the backsite.

Flash from window in Hookah Skye/Bind

Another option is to play a more defensive game and use Flash (Fig. 1), move into cover in Hookah, then use Trailblazer to clear backsite (Fig. 2).

Bind map Hookah Trailblazer execute

Post Plant

Fnatic Coaches Q&A - Valorant

Having healing abilities makes Skye a valuable agent in the final throes of a round, when you and other teammates are aggressively protecting the spike. The objective is to stay alive and keep others alive, and make the most of your Flash and healing abilities.

Q. What are some good tactics post plant for Skye on Bind?

Fnatic VALORANT Head Coach Mini

I don’t think there are many specifics for Skye on post plant for Bind but general principles. You are one of the low priority agents to stay alive in the post plant because you have no damage utility to win the round by mollying the spike, so you can play a little more aggressively than say a Viper or Brimstone. One of the key ideas is to co-ordinate a flash peek with your teammates to disrupt their retake or to fight them when they tap the spike — positioning yourself in a position where there are multiple angles to flash from in a safe way is the difference between a good Skye and a great Skye.


Knowing an agent’s lineups is also massively helpful during post plant. Lineups enable you to position agents such as Brimstone with his Molly, or Viper with Snake Bite, pinpointing areas of the map effectively at range:

Best lineups on Bind map with Viper/Skye

To learn about these lineups, and to find recent ones for current patches, search YouTube for “Lineups Post Plant Bind”. An example video can be found here.

Final Pro Tips

Fnatic Coaches Q&A - Valorant

Q. What is a valuable pro tip for using Skye on Bind?

Fnatic VALORANT Head Coach Mini

A big note for Skye on Bind is that the agent plays differently whether you have a Sova (or Fade) or not, being the solo initiator means you have more responsibility to use your dog to clear space and use flashes to support teammates. If you have a second-initiator you can be a bit more selfish and use your utility to take duels.


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