Marvel's Midnight Suns Specs & PC Requirements

  December 2, 2022

Marvel's Midnight Suns Specs & PC Requirements

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a new tactical role-playing game “set in the darker, more supernatural side of the Marvel Universe”. From Firaxis Games, developers of the critically acclaimed tactical XCOM series, this new Marvel game sees players engaging with a deeply customizable card-based and turn-based battle system alongside fan-favourite comic book characters.

On paper, its PC requirements don’t seem too demanding. But, as with most PC games, if you’re looking to crank up the settings to their maximum and play at 4K with high frame rates, you won’t be able to get away with a machine with a decade-old GPU. 

Most notably, the game gets its performance capabilities from the processor, graphics card and RAM. So, making sure they line up with the requirements and specifications listed by the developers at Firaxis Games will stand you in good stead.

If upon cross-referencing your build to the specifications in the tables below you find that they fall short, you may need to think about either upgrading individual components, or simply upgrading to a new PC entirely. Either option can be fulfilled by us here at Chillblast, so give our extensive range of gaming PCs a browse or get in touch with our expert sales team.

So, let’s take a look at Marvel’s Midnight Suns and see just what you need to run it (and how you can build a PC to make the most of it).

Gameplay image from Marvel's Midnight Suns
Image source: Firaxis Games and 2K

But first, what is Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the newest game set within the Marvel Universe and is described on Steam as the “ultimate crossover event combining the rich story, character relationships, customization and progression of an RPG with the tactical strategy and combat mechanics of a revolutionary new card-based tactics game.”

Players will play as the Hunter, a legendary demon slayer, who teams up with a slew of other legendary Marvel heroes in an attempt to put a stop to the terrifying demonic forces of The Mother of Demons herself as she tries to summon her evil master, Chthon. 

During the missions, players have the ability to utilise the environment, traverse the battlefield to set up the perfect shot or combo, and then “launch devastating hero abilities to gain the advantage in each epic encounter.” Firaxis Games says “the combat leverages the best elements from tactical games and card-based combat in a truly unique and thrilling experience.”

There’s also an aspect of the game separate from the missions called The Abbey. It serves as a ‘secret base’, allowing players to interact with each of the Marvel heroes, getting to know them better and building stronger relationships. 

Marvel’s Midnight Suns offers players a large amount of customisation, making the game a unique experience for each player. The Hunter character’s appearance can be fully customised and their reactions to situations can be chosen by the player. Plus, it’s up to players to decide which heroes to bring on missions, and which missions to embark on in the first place.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns PC Minimum Requirements

OSWindows 10 64-bit
CPUIntel Core i5-4430 or AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or AMD RX 470
Disk Space60GB available
DirectXVersion 12

This table outlines the Marvel’s Midnight Suns minimum PC requirements that Firaxis Games thinks will get the game up and running and should provide at least a smooth 720p experience. Pushing it to 1080p, even at medium settings will likely reduce the frame rate quite drastically.

The Intel Core i5 CPU was mid-range when it launched almost ten years ago and the graphics cards were base-level 1080p options when they launched seven years ago. Although that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of playing modern games, as this game’s specs clearly show, it does suggest that just about any gaming PC from the past five(ish) years will have no trouble getting this game up and running.

If your PC just meets these specifications, however, you will need to be content with a less-than-ideal gameplay experience. You’ll only be able to play at around 720p at 25-30 FPS (albeit with settings on high) which is fine if you’re playing on a small monitor, but if you’re trying to play on a larger monitor or even a TV, it’s not going to look great. 

Gameplay image from Marvel's Midnight Suns showing the card-based battles
Image source: Firaxis Games and 2K

What PC do we recommend?

A PC that we’d recommend at this level would be the Chillblast Fusion Recoil. 

Overall, this PC does exceed the suggested minimum specs by a fair amount. But, instead of using an old dedicated GPU, it makes use of AMD’s more recent integrated graphics capabilities. Most people read ‘integrated graphics’ and think the worst, but with technology constantly evolving, integrated graphics nowadays are infinitely more capable at running modern games than they were in years gone by.

Coupled with this 8-thread, 16-core AMD Ryzen 7 5700G CPU is 16GB of super-fast RAM; double what’s suggested as a minimum baseline. This combination creates a decently powerful PC that is capable of playing modern games at 1080p. However, the sacrifice does come in the form of having to use lower graphical settings.

Chillblast Fusion Recoil Gaming PC against a black background

Marvel’s Midnight Suns PC Recommended Requirements

OSWindows 10 64-bit
CPUIntel Core i7-6700 or AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or AMD RX 5700
Disk Space60GB available
DirectXVersion 12

Systems that fall within these recommended specifications will likely provide a great gameplay experience at 1080p, raising framerates from those achieved using the minimum specs, whilst maintaining visual integrity.

This is because the graphics cards suggested have a much larger amount of VRAM (8GB compared to 4GB), which ultimately means more frames can be rendered at a higher resolution.

Again though, these components are showing their age, with multiple generations having been released since they made their debut. However, both GPUs are still very capable at playing modern games, even at 1080p with most graphical settings on high.

Fortunately, though, latest-generation components are nowadays often cheaper than buying parts from generations past, plus have better performance and longevity when it comes to modern gaming and PC usage.

Gameplay image from Marvel's Midnight Suns showing a character upgrade screen
Image source: Firaxis Games and 2K

What PC do we recommend?

A PC that we’d recommend at this level would be the Chillblast Fusion Reaver Gaming PC. 

It utilises a GTX 1650 which is a highly capable GPU, and a CPU that has only recently left the spot of Intel’s most recent generation – the i3-12100F. This system also uses 16GB of high-speed RAM which is exactly what is suggested, meaning it should have no problem hitting that 1080p high graphical settings sweet spot.

Image of the Chillblast Fusion Reaver gaming PC

A Marvel’s Midnight Suns PC for 1440p gameplay

If you have the budget and want a gaming PC that will let you enjoy Marvel’s Midnight Suns at 1440p with all settings turned to high or even ultra, all whilst maintaining high frame rates, this is what Chillblast recommends: the Chillblast Akula Gaming PC.

It houses an AMD Ryzen 5 5600X combined with the excellent Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti GPU. This combination should easily be able to provide high FPS 1440p gameplay, even with settings on high or ultra.

Arguably even more importantly, it has a massive 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD giving you ample room to download the game and enjoy lightning-fast load speeds.

Chillblast Akula Gaming PC

Stick to the recommended side of things

If you don’t have the budget to cover a more high-end PC, we’d recommend bypassing the list of minimum specifications entirely and instead aim to use the recommended specs as your starting point.

Even with games that list relatively undemanding requirements, you’ll almost always be better off aiming for the most up-to-date components. Both to ensure you get the best gameplay experience possible, and to give your system the most amount of future-proofing.

If you are stuck when it comes to choosing a graphics card, this article comparing AMD and Nvidia GPUs could help narrow down your choices. As can this article about the decision between Intel or AMD CPUs.

Gameplay image from Marvel's Midnight Suns showing card-based battle
Image source: Firaxis Games and 2K

Invest in fast storage options

Lastly, as the game itself is rather large and also requires smooth loading in order for an efficient play experience, we recommend getting an SSD to store it on. These have a much faster drive speed, reducing load times drastically compared to HDDs.

Even though the game is around 60GB in size, a standard 250GB-500GB SSD would be the best value option as it will leave plenty of room for other game downloads further down the line, and shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. This article on PC storage types can provide you with a more in-depth understanding of how they perform and how they differ from their HDD counterparts.

What does Chillblast recommend?

Overall, the recommended specifications listed by Firaxis Games will no doubt provide you with a good experience but if you really want to amp it up and get the best experience you can, we’d suggest opting for a PC with more recent components. 

If you need any further help building the PC to play this, and other games you’re excited about, get in touch with Chillblast and our system-building experts will walk you through everything you need.


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