Chillblast X Case Study: GeekaWhat

  March 16, 2023

Chillblast X Case Study: GeekaWhat

In this case study, we look at how Chillblast collaborated with the YouTube channel GeekaWhat, boasting 167k subscribers, to create a customised PC system that enhances their brand presence during videos, and fosters opportunities for unique content creation.


As the digital landscape becomes increasingly saturated with content, particularly on YouTube, content creators are facing a mounting challenge to distinguish themselves from competitors and assert their authority in their chosen fields. Considering the visual nature of the medium, a crucial aspect of this endeavour involves the presentation of one’s brand.

In response to this challenge, Chillblast offers a service called Chillblast X, which allows for the application of bespoke artwork to PC cases and selected components. We can supply artwork based on your brief, or we can also work with any designs you supply. This provides brands with a visually striking and cost-effective method of incorporating their identity directly into their PC systems, thereby reinforcing their brand presence throughout the content creation process.

A Creative Collaboration

The primary goal of this project was to encapsulate the essence of the GeekaWhat channel’s brand identity and extend this branding to the focal point of their content – the PC. GeekaWhat’s distinctive white and blue style permeates their entire brand, from the channel logo to the set design and background lighting. This established a clear colour palette for the project.

Leveraging the Chillblast X Process

Utilising the Chillblast X process, the GeekaWhat brand’s signature colour scheme was applied across the face and side panels of the PC. By integrating the colourways seamlessly throughout the design, a cohesive and visually appealing system was created that would fit in perfectly with future GeekaWhat content. This bespoke solution allowed for the channel’s branding to take centre stage in upcoming videos in a way that is not only unique but also resonates strongly with the target audience.

Broadening the Appeal

The potential applications of the Chillblast X process extend beyond content creators such as GeekaWhat. This versatile service can cater to a diverse range of PC users, from gamers seeking a personalised touch for their gaming rigs, to professionals who wish to project a polished and cohesive image in their workspace.

For gamers, a custom-designed PC case can reflect their passion for a particular game, their chosen gaming team, or even their individual gaming persona. This added level of personalisation not only showcases their dedication to their gaming interests but also serves as a conversation starter among their peers, both online and offline.

In the realm of professional users, a custom-branded PC case can help establish a strong and unified brand identity within the workplace. By incorporating company colours, logos, and design elements, businesses can reinforce their corporate image and foster a sense of cohesion among employees. Moreover, this can leave a lasting impression on clients and partners who visit the office, reinforcing the company’s commitment to professionalism and attention to detail.

Why Choose Chillblast X?

Chillblast X presents a unique and innovative solution for content creators, gamers, and professionals alike, providing a means of elevating their brand presence and enhancing their overall visual appeal. Through the customisation of PC cases, individuals and businesses can harness the power of their brand identity to create a lasting impression on their target audience and strengthen their position within the ever-competitive digital landscape. The GeekaWhat collaboration serves as a prime example of the potential applications and benefits of the Chillblast X process, demonstrating how a cohesive and eye-catching design can truly set a brand apart from the competition.


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