The Best Games Development PCs

  March 21, 2023

The Best Games Development PCs

The Best Games Development PCs

The Best Games Development PCs

Chillblast has been making incredible gaming systems since 2001. But, what’s less well-known, is that our technology also underpins some of the World’s leading games developers.

Chillblast games development PCs and workstations have been used to create some of the most incredible AAA games. The list includes HaloGears of WarQuake Wars, Batman Arkham Origins, Wolfenstein, Flight Simulator, Runescape, multiple games in the vast Lego franchise and the renowned Sniper Elite series.

We’ve also supported countless indie developers transition from one-man-band operations into successful published developers, and can always find disruptive, innovative solutions to the problems fledgling developers face today.

No more wasting money or time

PCs for games development are amongst the hardest-worked computer systems purchased today. They require a unique mix of reliability, CPU grunt for character and 3D asset creation, masses of memory for pre-optimised code handling and incredibly powerful graphics cards for play testing, performance optimisation, engine development and world creation.

We understand there’s rarely a single “catch all” spec for a games development studio, as different PCs are needed for different tasks. But, what you can be sure of is that our team of B2B specialists are always on tap to help you to maximise the efficiency from your development workforce. If your games developers are currently constrained by old hardware, you are costing your business potentially thousands of pounds in lost productivity – after all, the salary of a talented developer for a single month is far more expensive than the average high spec development PC from Chillblast.

Do you really want them to be sat twiddling their thumbs watching an endless spinning circle while they wait for that process to finish?

Image of a man sat at his desk at work working on a game development project shown on the monitors in front of him

“Here at Splash Damage we’ve built a strong relationship with the Chillblast technical team. They’ve worked with us for many years now to ensure our workstations are ahead of the curve, and deliver the best possible productivity, performance and user experience for our talented team of leading video game designers and developers.” 

Craig Nelson – IT Manager Splash Damage

How can we help?

We help games developers identify the best hardware in each class for their requirements and have thousands of hours of experience in testing game engines and pre-optimised code for performance pinch points. This prevents our clients from being in the unenviable position of having to spend their way out of performance issues by over-investing in hardware that may not be beneficial – or may even be detrimental to their particular work flows.

Whether you need the latest Threadripper game development PC for maximum parallel core throughput, or a Core i9 based game development PC for peak performance-per-core performance, Chillblast has a solution for you. We even source and build bespoke “minimum spec” PC hardware using obsolete parts that allows games developers to test their optimised code to correctly identify the system requirements for the clients who end up buying the finished product.

Download our free whitepaper about the hardware you need for games development today! 

Regardless of your games development workstation needs, Chillblast would love to hear from you and help you with your requirements. If you have a performance pinch point you need our help with, a 3D-enabled VDI server system to facilitate off-site 3D development or simply the fastest games development PCs known to man, please contact us through the use of our contact form found at the bottom of this page .

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