How do I get started with AI?

  November 3, 2023

How do I get started with AI?

If you've decided it's time that you and your business took advantage of artificial intelligence (AI), Chillblast is here to help. We've been working with cutting-edge PC hardware for decades, and have strong partnerships with some of the premier AI software and hardware developers, making us perfectly placed to help you with your new AI venture.

But where do you start? If you've already read through our guide on AI hardware and the types of AI solutions you can develop, then you'll know that the process of building an AI platform for your customers and employees to take advantage of is a complicated and costly venture. The potential benefits are enormous and if the competition is doing it, maybe you should too.

But before you can go down that road, you need to get your house in order. You need to organize your data.

An AI is only as good as the data it's trained on, so the more relevant data you can bring to the project, the better. That does increase cost though, so consider the kind of AI you're interested in developing and the kind of data you have on hand to feed it. It'll need to be transferable for AI development, and if you plan to deploy the AI from the cloud. If you want to manage your AI locally at your own facility, you'll need to have the physical space, power, and networking connections for all the hardware you'll be dealing with once your AI is up and running.

If you think you're ready (or even if you're not) Chillblast is, and waiting to help make your AI dreams a reality. Let's talk.

The Concept Phase

The first phase of developing any kind of AI solution or project is the barebones concept. What data do you have on hand? What is it you want the AI to be able to do? How will such an AI fit into your existing company structure and business model? Are you interested in a cloud or locally-managed deployment? Do you have the facilities and expertise to run the AI after it's been deployed?

When you get in touch with Chillblast about your AI project, we'll sit down with you and work through all these questions and more, so that we can make sure it's viable. If it is, and your expectations are in line with what is realistically possible with the data you have on hand, then we can proceed to the proof of concept.

To achieve this, we partner with vGPU desktop deployment and Omniverse & Enterprise AI experts, IMSCAD. With over 15 years of experience in the field, they are on the bleeding edge of AI development and deployment, and will work closely with Chillblast and your business to finalize the idea of what your AI can be, and the practical aspects of its operation.

Our combined experience provides the ideal expertise to help fully conceptualize your project, whilst also factoring in the unique considerations of your own business. New AI developments are only part of a business with established and cemented corporate and business structures that need to be incorporated into any future AI projects. That includes the management of existing legacy networking infrastructure and in particular, unique custom software and hardware solutions. These are often already in use and may well be well understood by, and integral to, management and staff, and the existing workflows of your employees. An AI solution needs to work alongside these.

Any final proposal from ourselves and IMSCAD will factor in all that and more. The costs involved at this stage very much depend on the amount of data you're working with and the type of AI project you want to put together. They also factor in the complexity of the AI you want to create, how accurate it needs to be in its responses, how many people will use it, and how complicated and aware of your business the AI needs to be.

While we can give you a more direct quote once you begin the concept phase with us, expect to spend in the region of £40,000 for a comprehensive concept design of your future AI deployment.

The end result of that investment isn't just a firmer grasp of how viable your AI ideas can be, though. Together, Chillblast and IMSCAD will generate a proof of concept demonstration. This will use real AI hardware, and real AI software to emulate what your eventual AI would be capable of, using a small subset of your data. You'll be able to play with it yourself too, over a few days, with unfettered access to the AI and the data you've provided. You can tweak it yourself and try out its different functions to get a sense of whether your original thoughts and ideas for your AI can be realized in a real-world deployment.

This should give you a great insight into the true value of this AI deployment, and whether you want to proceed with a full development, or if you want to change the scale, scope, or focus of the project in some way. Whatever your decision, Chillblast and IMSCAD can help you along the way, providing advice or additional context where required so you can make the call that's right for you and your business.

If you do want to go further and continue the plan for a full-scale deployment, that's when things get really interesting.

The Development Phase

This is the real meat of creating a new AI solution for your business. It's where we can get to work on selecting the perfect hardware to power your new AI solution, and our data scientists partners can get to work developing the AI-powered software, while analyzing and working with your data to make it easily digestible by the AI solution.

For Chillblast's side of things, if you are interested in a local deployment where your own IT experts manage the hardware and software of your AI moving forward, Chillblast can help you build out some incredibly powerful servers so that your AI always has ready access to data, and has the graphical and processing power to deliver a fast and responsive AI experience to users.

It's no good making a world-beating AI solution if the computers that power it aren't fast enough to keep up.

That's why working with hardware experts like Chillblast is so important as part of any AI deployment. Chillblast has access to the latest and greatest hardware, and our system-building experts have decades of experience building high-end, powerful, and demanding computers from the ground up.

However, if you'd rather use a cloud deployment because, through the consultation and concept phase that turns out to be the best solution for your business, Chillblast can still be of great assistance. We work with some of the world's premier cloud providers and can help connect you with the right company for your needs. We can also assist in hardware selection and budgeting your project, whilst using our knowledge of the various hardware industries to advise on future upgrade schedules, and potential improvements to your AI down the line.

As great as Chillblast's own input to the development process can be, though, we know our limitations too. We aren't AI developers or data scientists. That's why, for a full AI development, Chillblast partners with DeeperInsights. These experts in AI creation and deployment adhere to some of the strictest industry standards, whilst giving you and your business the freedom to develop a purpose-built, custom AI solution that remains entirely yours, however you choose to operate it.

DeeperInsights utilizes a unique platform called Floatingpoint, which allows for the fast deployment, development, and iteration of AI solutions. This includes 10s of thousands of open-source AI solutions which can be applied as a barebones starting point, with further iteration and adjustment made after the fact.

Floatingpoint is a platform that you, as the business and project owner can play around with yourself, but it also allows DeeperInsights to quickly and effectively adjust the way the AI works, the way it approaches your data, and the end result that interacts with your employees and customers.

Floatingpoint uses a series of experiments to determine the ideal solution for your AI needs, factoring in your raw data. Floatingpoint is so versatile it can take the data in any form you provide it, before sorting and formatting it correctly to optimize the training process. It works just as well with cloud and local-deployment AI solutions, so it will work with your AI aims, regardless of what they are. If you have experienced data engineers, this is where they can become more intrinsically involved to help foster the AI development itself. If they will ultimately be managing the project post-deployment, having them keenly aware of the underlying structure and function of the AI is a must.

Floatingpoint and DeeperInsights' other tools are highly scalable, so whether you're looking to craft a relatively small, internal AI solution to expedite your employees' workloads, or want a large-scale model that is capable of dealing with the requests and demands of thousands of customers simultaneously, it's up to the task. It can take that concept and develop the software into a workable, final solution of any shape and size you need.

The final cost of this stage of the project has too many factors to consider to give you a hard number, but we can discuss some rough tiers of AI projects and the potential costs involved. For a smaller scale deployment, with a relatively simple AI solution, you would be looking at spending at least £200,000. Larger projects can cost upwards of £500,000, and into the multiples of millions for the most complicated, creative, and comprehensive of AI solutions.

Deployment and management phase

Once the AI has been developed, it's time to deploy it. If you're interested in using the cloud to deploy and manage your AI moving forward, this step may be quite hands-off for you. You'll simply trigger the process, and Chillblast and DeeperInsights can make sure that the AI launches effectively. Then we can work on any tweaks needed in the days and weeks that follow to ensure it's working as intended.

One crucial feature of DeeperInsights' Floatingpoint platform, is that it forms part of the ongoing management of the AI after deployment. For cloud deployments, this allows DeeperInsights' and the cloud provider's engineers to monitor the underlying data of your AI over time to see how it continues to operate and evolve through ongoing use.

If you opted instead for a local AI solution that you manage yourself, you can use Floatingpoint to see all the nuts and bolts of the project. If you are keen to foster ongoing development of AI tools and services within your own company, you can utilize Floatingpoint and other tools to manage the ongoing use and development of the AI yourself. Chillblast and DeeperInsights will always be on hand if you need future help, though.

You can even pick a hybrid management model, where we continue to monitor and manage your AI after its initial deployment, while you bring in your own data scientists and administrators to handle the project long-term. It can take some time to find the right employees and complete the right training to make sure they are up to the task, but you can always use DeeperInsights' own resources for additional training and insight if necessary.


Hopefully, now you have a firmer grasp of the process by which your AI dreams can become a reality in a short period of time, with the right expertise.

With Chillblast and our highly qualified partners on hand, you can rest assured that any AI concept you want to bring to life, we can make it happen. With the right hardware, the right data, and the right expertise, you can take your business into its next iteration with a highly responsive, versatile, and profit-boosting AI solution that's just waiting to launch.


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