Ark Survival Ascended Specs & PC Requirements

  October 27, 2023

Ark Survival Ascended Specs & PC Requirements

Ark Survival Ascended Specs & PC Requirements

Respawn into a new dinosaur survival experience beyond your wildest dreams… as ARK is reimagined from the ground-up into the next-generation of videogame technology with Unreal Engine 5!

As with any modern game release, understanding the system requirements necessary to run the game at optimal settings is crucial for an enjoyable gaming experience. In this article, we'll explore the PC specs required to run Ark Survival Ascended, as well as provide recommendations for Chillblast PCs for those looking to upgrade their current setup.

Whether you are a longtime Ark fan or new to the series, read on to discover what hardware you'll need to survive on the mysterious island.

Ark Survival Ascended Minimum Requirements

  • OS - Windows 10/11 with updates
  • CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 2600X, Intel Core i7-6800K
  • GPU - AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT, NVIDIA GeForce 1080
  • RAM - 16GB
  • Disk Space - 70GB

To run Ark at 1080p resolution with moderate settings and a smooth frame rate, a mid-range gaming PC from recent years should suffice. If you're considering an upgrade, check out Chillblast's gaming PCs for a seamless Ark experience.

Meeting the minimum with a Chillblast PC

If you find that you are in need of an upgrade, a Chillblast PC we'd recommend is the Chillblast AMD Ryzen 5 gaming PC. Its six-core Ryzen 5600 processor provides excellent performance for gaming and general tasks.

When paired with a capable GPU like the AMD RX 6600, you'll have more than enough power to run Ark Survival Ascended smoothly at higher settings than the minimum requirements. Unfortunately, DLSS is not an option on this graphics card, as it's an exclusive feature of Nvidia's RTX series.

This Chillblast PC also includes 500GB of fast SSD storage, ensuring quick load times and ample space for your games.

Ark Survival Ascended Recommended Requirements

  • OS - Windows 10/11 with updates
  • CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600X, Intel i5-10600K
  • GPU - AMD Radeon RX 6800, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080
  • RAM - 32GB
  • Disk Space - 70GB

Meeting the recommended requirements for Ark Survival Ascended will provide an exceptional gaming experience with improved frame rates and graphical fidelity. Chillblast PCs equipped with powerful CPUs and GPUs can help you achieve these specs for an immersiveArk Survival Ascended adventure.

Meeting the recommended with a Chillblast PC

If you're looking for a new system that can handle Ark Survival Ascended at the highest settings, the Chillblast Apex AMD Ryzen 7 Gaming PC is an outstanding choice. It seamlessly combines a powerful AMD Ryzen 7 processor with the cutting-edge AMD RX 7900 XT graphics card, ensuring not only excellent gaming performance but also the ability to run Ark Survival Ascended with all the graphical bells and whistles.

Although this PC is better than what the requirements suggest, we recommend that going for a PC at this calibre can proof case further editions along with being able to play other game titles.

What you need to play Ark Survival Ascended at 1440p

Playing Ark Survival Ascended at 1440p with graphical settings on max wouldn’t be impossible with the PC we suggested for recommended settings – it’d just perform at lower frame rates. But if you’re looking for an even prettier Ark Survival Ascended experience at a higher resolution, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the smoothness of gameplay that is only possible at higher frames per second.

To that end, if you want to play Ark Survival Ascended at 1440p, you can enjoy it at ultra detail settings with around 100 FPS with our Chillblast Evolution AMD Ryzen 7 RTX 4070 Small Gaming PC. It raises the bar for CPU and GPU performance by combining the latest generations of Nvidia and Intel hardware for a truly-powerful gaming system.

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor, packing 8 cores and 16 threads, is one of the best on the market for incredible gaming and multi-tasking performance. Whether you’re scoring goals in Ark Survival Ascended or doing high-resolution video and photo editing, this CPU has the performance and the cores to get the job done extremely fast. 

The Nvidia RTX 4070, though, is this build's true powerhouse. It’s a cutting-edge graphics card with the latest Ada Lovelace architecture, an extremely sophisticated process node with astounding efficiency, and all the CUDA cores you need. Better yet, it has full support for DLSS, and in supporting games, frame generation. This isn't really helpful here, however, in games like Hogwarts Legacy, it can significantly increase frame rates.

You also get 1TB of high-speed storage, so no matter how many big games you want to play, this PC has the space to install them all at once.

What you need to play Ark Survival Ascended at 4K

When it comes to playing at 4K, there are many more demanding games than Ark Survival Ascended. But you’ll still need a pretty hefty system to enjoy it at maximum settings without tanking your frame rate. Even more so if you plan on playing on a large 4K monitor or TV screen.

With that in mind, the perfect system for playing Ark Survival Ascended at 4K is the Apex AMD Ryzen 7 X3D RX 7900 XTX Gaming PC. It combines the best gaming processor in the world with one of the top graphics cards for a high-performance gaming PC that can do absolutely anything and everything.

The AMD Ryzen 7800X3D is a super-powered gaming processor that beats even some of the more expensive CPU models with higher core counts thanks to its blazing-fast onboard cache. That pairs perfectly with 32GB of high-speed DDR5 memory, and 2TB of PCIe 4 SSD storage for the most responsive gaming experience. It’s also ready for future games with Direct Storage support for even faster game load times.

To power that 4K experience, however, we need a powerful GPU and in the AMD RX 7900 XTX we have the perfect solution. It’s the most powerful graphics card AMD has ever made and it will find playing Ark Survival Ascended at 4K an absolute cakewalk.
With full support for FSR, it can drive up frame rates in supported games even more, and it even has some impressive ray tracing support in compatible games. Plus, its 24GB of VRAM makes it future-proofed against any advances in gaming technology in the years to come.


As you prepare for the release of Ark Survival Ascended, ensure your PC can handle the adventures by checking the system requirements. Whether you need a new gaming PC or plan to upgrade your current one, Chillblast offers a variety of options to meet your gaming needs and elevate your Ark Survival Ascended experience.

Explore Chillblast's wide range of gaming PCs suitable for Ark Survival Ascended and other titles by visiting Chillblast's gaming PC selection. Whether you prefer a budget-friendly option or a high-end gaming powerhouse, you'll find options to suit your gaming needs.


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