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2024 Games you need to wishlist today

  January 16, 2024

2024 Games you need to wishlist today

Tekken 8

The Mishima bloodline may have bled its way out of the top spot, but in the King of Iron Fist Tournament's wake, power vacuums roar louder than Heihachi's rage art. This ain't your papa's King of Iron Fist, though. Forget rusty iron temples and echoing mountains - Tekken 8 throws down in New Mishima City, a neon-drenched cyberpunk labyrinth where data reigns supreme and every byte holds a secret. Wanna wear the crown? You'll need more than iron fists. Get ready to assemble a crew sharper than Kazuya's Mishima Zan, a squad so diverse it makes King's jaguar skin look basic.

First, you need brains. Who better than Nina Williams, the cyborg assassin reborn with an upgrade to her cold logic? She'll hack her way into any security system while simultaneously throwing shade at Yoshimitsu. Speaking of blades, Yoshimitsu himself could be a wildcard. His loyalty shifts like sand in the desert, but his Manriki Guisar cuts through code and flesh with equal ease. Don't forget Alisa Bosconovitch, the android with a heart of gold (and circuits of platinum). She can analyze fight data faster than Lucky Chloe throws out confetti, predicting opponents' moves before they even think them.

But muscle still matters in this concrete jungle. Enter Marduk, the mountain of a man whose punches make buildings weep. He'll clear a path through any mosh pit and guard your six like a dragon. Law, the self-proclaimed Prince of Justice, might scoff at your shady plans, but his lightning-fast kicks and unwavering morals could be a PR godsend. And hey, if things get hairy, who wouldn't want Master Raven's ninjitsu skills and pet falcon on their side?

But remember, power breeds conflict. You'll have to navigate a web of alliances and betrayals thicker than Akuma's beard. Kazuya's loyalists like Dragunov and Steve Fox might offer brute force, but their allegiance is as fickle as a Devil Jin rage drive. Zafina, the enigmatic seer, could offer cryptic guidance, but trust a genie in a bottle? And then there's the Zaibatsu's CEO, Heihachi's bastard son Jin Kazama. Will he be your puppet master or the final boss?

Get ready, Tekken contender. Your crew awaits. Just remember, in New Mishima City, the only guarantee is the roar of the crowd and the sting of betrayal. So, who will you assemble? Who will you trust? This isn't just about fists and fury, it's about playing the game, both on and off the battlefield. The King of Iron Fist Tournament might be over, but the real fight for power has just begun.

Dragons Dogma 2

The Greatwyrm sleeps, but its shadow still stretches across Gransys, casting long and hungry fingers towards the Dragon's Chair. The Arisen is gone, leaving a power vacuum that groans with the whispers of ambition. This ain't your granddaddy's pawn-led quest, though. Forget quaint villages and sun-dappled meadows - Dragon's Dogma 2 plunges you into Bitterfrost Isle, a volcanic wasteland where fire dances with madness and every geyser spews secrets. Craving the Dragon's throne? You'll need more than a trusty pawn and a pointy stick. Get ready to assemble a band of misfits fiercer than a Cyclops' roar, a crew so diverse it makes a Griffin's chimera look basic.

First, you need cunning. Julian, the silver-tongued bard with a knack for unlocking ancient lore and charming even the most hardened wyvern. He'll weave your legend through Gransys while simultaneously pilfering forgotten artifacts under the nose of the Inquisition. Speaking of magic, Mercedes, the sorcerer with eyes like molten gold, could be your ace in the hole. Her spells crackle with forbidden power, turning tides with a flick of her wrist and a whisper of forgotten incantations. And don't forget Madeleine, the enigmatic alchemist who brews potions that defy logic and reality. She can turn a goblin into a griffon, a draconian into a lover, and your enemies into puddles of regret.

But brute force still finds its place in this ash-choked realm. Enter Brutus, the ogre warrior whose axe carves through bone and steel with equal ease. He'll clear a path through any goblin horde and stand between you and danger like a living mountain. Sol, the stoic assassin with blades sharper than a Wyvern's wing, could be your silent guardian. He moves like a wraith, taking down targets before they even realize they're dead. And for those pesky griffins, who wouldn't want Selene, the hawk-eyed archer, by their side? Her arrows fly faster than a drake's screech, finding their mark with deadly precision.

But remember, power breeds betrayal in Gransys' smoldering heart. You'll have to navigate a web of alliances and vendettas more intricate than a Chimera's anatomy. The Arisen's former pawns, loyal to their past, might offer seasoned skills, but their allegiance is as fickle as the wind. Grigori, the enigmatic dragon-man, could offer forbidden knowledge, but trust a talking lizard with your soul? And then there's the Pope, the enigmatic leader of the Inquisition, wielding faith like a weapon. Will he be your puppet master or your executioner?

Get ready, Arisen. Your fellowship awaits. Just remember, in Bitterfrost Isle, the only guarantee is the searing heat and the sting of betrayal. So, who will you assemble? Who will you trust? This ain't just about climbing wyrms and slaying drakes, it's about playing the game of pawns and politics, both on and off the battlefield. The Dragon's Chair is empty, but the climb to the top is just beginning.

Path of Exile 2

The wind whispers through the desolate canyons of Exile, carrying the ghosts of fallen kings and the echoes of broken oaths. The Iron Throne sits cold, a beacon of power for those daring enough to grasp it. You, an exile returned, hunger for its warmth, but the path is treacherous. You'll need a council of blades and minds, a band of outcasts fiercer than a sandstorm and more cunning than a desert viper.

First, you need steel. Vira, the exiled warrior queen, her scimitars dance with lethal grace, whispers of rebellion clinging to her like desert sand. Drazak, the mountain-sized barbarian, his axe cleaves through enemies like wind through parchment, loyalty as unwavering as the dunes themselves. And for silent, swift shadows, there's Kaia, the assassin, her daggers whispering death before the blood even spills.

But steel alone cannot conquer hearts. Elara, the exiled scholar, her mind a labyrinth of forgotten lore, can weave alliances and unravel conspiracies with whispered wisdom. Zale, the exiled alchemist, his fingers coax forbidden elixirs from desert dust, can heal wounds or poison rivals with equal ease. And for those who speak the language of spirits, there's Amara, the exiled shaman, her eyes glinting with desert magic, capable of bending fate itself.

Yet, power breeds vipers in the desert's embrace. The remnants of the fallen king's court still stir, their hearts poisoned by ambition and betrayal. Vardan, the whisperer, his forked tongue sows doubt and discord, loyalties as shifting as desert sands. Xandor, the exiled general, his thirst for revenge burns brighter than the midday sun, loyalty as brittle as sunbaked clay. And in the shadows lurks the Cult of the Scarab, their whispers promising forbidden power at the cost of your soul.

Navigate the treacherous sands, Arisen. Forge alliances with wary tribes, unravel ancient secrets hidden in wind-scoured ruins, and face sandstorms that whip with the fury of betrayed gods. Remember, in Exile, trust is a mirage, shifting with the sun. Who will you stand with? Who will you sacrifice? Will you claim the Iron Throne, or become another lost echo in the desert's hungry embrace?

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is due out on May 26th, 2024, for PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC. In the game, players get to play as each of the four playable characters of the titular Suicide Squad, including Deadshot, King Shark, Captain Boomerang and Harley Quinn.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

The game features frantic and explosive combat, fast and slick traversal, and genuine gameplay variety across each character. The game also has the irreverent and humorous tone that’s going to make it a solid hit with new and old fans of the Suicide Squad.

Flight Simulator 2024

Buckle up, pilot, because Flight Simulator 2024 is about to take you on a sky-high odyssey unlike any before. Forget stale cockpits and repetitive routes - this is an aviation epic where every flight is a nail-biting adventure and every landing a victory dance.

World Beyond Borders: Soar across a photorealistic Earth rendered in stunning 8K detail. From the sun-drenched peaks of Machu Picchu to the neon sprawl of Tokyo, no corner of the globe is out of reach. Experience dynamic weather systems that transform flights into white-knuckle battles against turbulence and storms.

Machines of Marvel: Choose from a lovingly curated fleet of iconic aircraft, each meticulously recreated with breathtaking realism. Take the helm of a sleek F-22 Raptor, carve through the clouds in a classic Spitfire, or cruise in ultimate luxury aboard a private jet. Every aircraft boasts a fully interactive cockpit, complete with functional knobs, switches, and instruments.

Beyond the Checklist: This isn't just about ticking boxes and following procedures. Flight Simulator 2024 throws curveballs at every turn. Navigate treacherous mountain passes, land on remote airstrips, and brave daring rescue missions amidst raging infernos. The open world is your playground, so plot your own course and see where the wind takes you.

A Crew of Legends: Who says you have to fly solo? Invite your friends or join a global community of pilots for co-op experiences. Tackle daring missions together, compete in aerial races, or simply cruise the skies, sharing stories and scenery. The skies of Flight Simulator 2024 are filled with opportunities for camaraderie and competition.

More Than Just Flying: Dive deep into the fascinating world of aviation. Explore interactive museums, learn from real-world pilots, and even tinker with your own custom liveries. Flight Simulator 2024 is a love letter to everything that makes aviation tick, offering endless opportunities for learning and discovery.

So, pilot, are you ready to take flight? Flight Simulator 2024 awaits, promising an experience that will leave you breathless, humbled, and utterly exhilarated. Get ready to paint the sky with your contrails and etch your name in the annals of aviation history. Every takeoff is a new adventure, every landing a triumph. The world is your runway, and the only limit is the horizon.

This is just a taste of what Flight Simulator 2024 has to offer. Feel free to expand on specific features, highlight exciting new missions or challenges, or even weave in a personal narrative about your own piloting dreams to make the experience even more immersive. Remember, the sky's the limit!

Flight Simulator 2024

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Neon claws at the night sky above Isezaki Ijincho, Yokohama. The streets thrum with the bassline of ambition, every corner a hustle, every shadow a potential score. The Tojo Clan's old guard has crumbled, leaving a power vacuum begging to be filled. You, though, ain't just some punk chasing scraps. You're Ichiban Kasuga, the Dragon of Dojima, back from the dead and ready to carve your legend. But the throne ain't for the faint-hearted. You'll need a crew, sharp as a yakuza's blade and loyal as a sworn brother.

First, you need muscle. Enter Adachi, the stoic ex-cop with fists like iron and a heart of tempered steel. He'll crack skulls and clear a path through any trouble, loyalty etched in the scars that crisscross his back. Then there's Nanako, the tech-savvy whiz kid who can hack her way into any vault and navigate the dark web like a dolphin in the tide. Her fingers speak in code, her loyalty as unbreakable as her firewalls. And for those delicate jobs that require a velvet touch, Saeko, the silver-tongued hustler with a smile that could disarm a bank manager and a mind sharp enough to fleece a dragon.

Brains ain't all you need, though. The streets whisper of Akane Kishida, your long-lost mother, rumored to be hiding in Honolulu. That brings Kiryu, the Dragon of Kamurocho, into the game. Weary and scarred, he still carries the weight of his past, but the pull of family is a siren song he can't ignore. Kiryu's experience is a fortress, his loyalty as steady as the tide. Together, you'll navigate the treacherous waters of Honolulu's criminal underworld, facing off against Hawaiian mobsters with names like "Pineapple Pete" and "Coconut Crusher."

But don't think it's all sunshine and mai tais. The Daidoji Clan, those snakes in the grass, haven't forgotten your little escape act from purgatory. Masaharu Aoki, the tattooed patriarch, watches with eyes like cold embers, his puppets plotting in the shadows. They'll throw everything at you - dirty cops, vengeful ghosts, and enough yakuza firepower to light up the sky.

Remember, in this game, trust is scarcer than yen on a payday. Alliances shift like the desert wind, and even your closest confidantes might harbor a hidden blade. Will you forge bonds of steel, or let paranoia poison your heart? Will you claim the throne with a crown of honor, or build it on a mountain of skulls?

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth ain't just about cash, territory, and that fancy throne. It's about carving your own path, facing your demons, and finding redemption in the unlikeliest places. So, grab your crew, sharpen your blade, and step into the neon storm. The streets of Yokohama await, and your legend is waiting to be written.

This is just a starting point, of course. Feel free to flesh out the characters, add more details about the rival factions and schemes, and sprinkle in some specific Yakuza-themed challenges and opportunities to make the world of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth come alive. Remember, the Dragon's throne is within reach, but the climb will be anything but smooth.

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth


As a Flameborn tasked with reclaiming Embervale from the grip of the Shroud, you're in for an epic adventure filled with exploration, crafting, action, and, of course, plenty of mysteries. Here are some things you can expect:

A Stunning Voxel World: Embervale unfolds before you in vibrant detail, crafted from colorful voxels that bring the diverse biomes to life. From the sun-drenched plains of Sundale to the treacherous peaks of the Crystal Crag, each region boasts its own unique challenges and breathtaking beauty.

The Ever-Present Shroud: This creeping miasma isn't just an obstacle; it's a living entity that corrupts all it touches. You'll need to navigate carefully, finding safe havens and pushing back the Shroud's tendrils whenever possible. The deeper you venture, the more its secrets will unravel, hinting at its origins and potentially a way to vanquish it.

Survival and Crafting: Hunger, thirst, and the elements demand your attention. Gather resources, build shelters, and craft tools and weapons to stay alive and thrive. The deeper you delve into crafting, the more powerful and specialized your gear becomes, giving you an edge against the increasingly dangerous creatures lurking in the Shroud.

Action-Packed Combat: From swift skirmishes with corrupted wolves to epic clashes with towering Shroud bosses, Enshrouded throws an array of thrilling combat experiences your way. Master different weapon types, learn powerful skills, and strategize against varied enemies to emerge victorious.

Unraveling the Mysteries: Embervale is a land steeped in forgotten lore. Scattered ruins, cryptic messages, and ancient artifacts whisper tales of the past. Piece together the story of the Flameborn, uncover the truth about the Shroud, and discover the secrets to rebuilding a civilization lost to time.

Choice and Consequence: Enshrouded isn't just about surviving and fighting; it's about making tough choices that will shape your own narrative. Ally with different factions, make moral decisions with far-reaching consequences, and watch the world react to your actions. There's no single path to reclaiming Embervale, so forge your own legend!

Enshrouded is an immersive and exciting experience that invites you to become a hero in a world teetering on the brink. Are you ready to face the Shroud, reclaim Embervale, and etch your name in the lore of the Flameborn?

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Star Wars Outlaws

Buckle up, space cowboys and cowgirls, because Star Wars Outlaws is about to blast you on a high-octane adventure through the gritty underbelly of the Star Wars galaxy!

Forget your hoity-toity Jedi and stormtroopers. This ain't your mama's Star Wars. We're talking about Rockay City, a neon-drenched metropolis straight outta the 90s where crime lords hold court and outlaws carve their own destinies. And you, well, you're just another gunslinger with a blaster, a dream, and maybe a few debts hanging over your head.

But your luck is about to change, thanks to the late, lamented crime boss leaving a power vacuum so big it can be seen from Coruscant. Now, everyone's gunning for the big chair, including:

Smooth Talker Travis Baker: Played by the one and only Michael Madsen, this silver-tongued scoundrel can charm his way out of any jam (usually). Just don't get on his bad side – those eyes hold more ice than Hoth.

The Posse of Planners: Think Ocean's Eleven meets Star Wars. Michael Rooker, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, and Damion Poitier bring their legendary talents to this crew of schemers and sharpshooters. They'll hack your way into any vault and plan heists smoother than Bespin silk.

The Rival Gang Bosses: Danny Trejo and Vanilla Ice! That's right, the Machete himself and the rapper with the coolest haircut in the galaxy go head-to-head for control of the streets. Expect laser pistols blazing and beats bumpin' in equal measure.

Sheriff Norris: Oh, yeah, we didn't forget the law. Chuck Norris himself dons the badge as the straight-laced enforcer trying to keep the whole mess from collapsing. But even a roundhouse kick ain't enough to contain this much outlaw ambition.

So, how do you rise above the rabble and claim the crown? You'll need a crew tougher than a Hutt and sharper than a Wookiee's claws. Here's your dream team:

The Mechanic: A greasy-fingered genius who can hotwire a TIE fighter with a toothpick and build an escape pod from scrap metal. Think Han Solo's Chewbacca with a toolbox.

The Hacker: Cyborg, droid, or just plain tech-savvy, this whiz kid can crack Imperial encryptions faster than you can say "Kessel Run." Just don't let them get distracted by vintage Dejarik games.

The Muscle: A Mandalorian warrior, a Rodian bounty hunter, or maybe even a repurposed droid. Someone who can punch through a wall and walk away laughing. And maybe throw in a jetpack, because why not?

The Strategist: Not all battles are fought with blasters. You need someone with brains like Yoda and cunning like Jabba the Hutt to plan your heists, navigate the treacherous alliances, and avoid getting double-crossed.

Remember, in Rockay City, trust is scarcer than good deals on Tatooine. Everyone's got their own agenda, and loyalty is just a blaster shot away from betrayal. So, keep your wits sharp, your finger on the trigger, and your crew close. The galaxy's your oyster, but watch out for the pearl divers with big guns.

Star Wars Outlaws isn't just about blasters and bounties. It's about carving your own legend in a galaxy full of outlaws, scoundrels, and maybe even a few heroes lurking in the shadows. So, saddle up, space cowboy, and get ready to shoot your way to the top! Just don't forget to have fun along the way. After all, what's the point of ruling the galaxy if you can't enjoy a good cantina brawl?

Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

The sands of time shift again, and Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown beckons you to a thrilling adventure! Beyond the familiar sands of Persia lies Mount Qaf, a cursed realm where time bends and mythical creatures roam. You, Sargon, an Immortal sent by Queen Tomiris, must brave this treacherous landscape to rescue the abducted Prince and uncover the secrets of the Lost Crown.

Twisting Time: Forget predictable timelines. The Lost Crown lets you manipulate time itself. Slow down enemies to execute breathtaking combos, rewind to avoid fatal mistakes, or even create temporal echoes to overcome obstacles. This power, however, is not without its consequences. Time anomalies lurk throughout Mount Qaf, threatening to unravel the fabric of reality.

Agile Combat: Prince of Persia wouldn't be complete without its signature acrobatics. Sargon flows through the environment with balletic grace, scaling treacherous cliffs, leaping over chasms, and disarming enemies with fluid swordplay. Master new combat techniques, from intricate juggles to devastating power attacks, to take down your foes in style.

A World of Legends: Mount Qaf is more than just a mountain. It's a tapestry woven from Persian mythology, teeming with mythical creatures like djinns, rocs, and even the legendary Simurgh. Each creature presents a unique challenge, demanding strategic thinking and precise timing to overcome.

Unraveling the Mystery: The Lost Crown is more than just a thrilling adventure; it's a puzzle box waiting to be unraveled. Ancient ruins whisper forgotten lore, cryptic symbols hint at hidden secrets, and powerful artifacts hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of Mount Qaf.

A Familiar Face: While you play as Sargon, the ghost of the Prince of Persia himself will guide you. This unlikely partnership adds a layer of depth to the story, offering mentorship, witty banter, and perhaps even a glimpse into the Prince's past.

Beyond the Core: Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown promises more than just the main campaign. Explore hidden tombs for powerful relics, test your skills in time-trial challenges, and uncover the stories of other Immortals through side quests.

A Visual Feast: Mount Qaf is a breathtaking landscape rendered in stunning detail. From the sun-drenched peaks to the shimmering oasis, each environment is a feast for the eyes. The soundtrack, a blend of traditional Persian music and modern orchestral scores, adds another layer of immersion to the experience.

So, are you ready to embark on a timeless adventure? Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown awaits, its mysteries veiled in sand and time. Gather your courage, sharpen your sword, and prepare to leave your mark on the legend of the Prince of Persia.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

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