:: :: Akasa Nero 3 CPU Cooler

Akasa Nero 3 CPU Cooler

Akasa Nero 3 CPU Cooler
Akasa NERO classic design combines peak performance and near silent operation. A multi-platform cooler designed for the entire range of current Intel and AMD processors.

The three high capacity 8mm heatpipes utilize direct CPU contact technology for rapid heat transfer. Direct contact eliminates thermal resistance thereby increasing efficiency.

46 high grade aluminium profiled fins ensure optimum heat dissipation. A piano black 120mm PWM fan is mounted using anti-vibration siliconized rubber pins giving whisper quiet cooling.

Three high capacity 8mm heatpipes with direct CPU contact
Piano black 12cm fan with PWM
46 fins profiled for optimal airflow and heat dissipation
Siliconized rubber fan mounts for enhance ultra quiet performance
Easy Select Clip for simple mounting with Intel reference push-pins
Spring-loaded screws mounting for reliable attachment on AMD
Weight 0.50 KG
This product can be purchased only as a part of other product.