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Rated ‘Excellent’ by our customers! Based on 4386 reviews
UK’s Most Awarded PC Manufacturer

As one of the top manufacturers of UK gaming computers, Chillblast is no stranger to winning awards. In fact, we’ve taken first place in the PC Pro Excellence Awards (previously known as the ‘Reliability and Service Awards’) a record ten times. We’ve also been named ‘Desktop Retailer of the Year’ by PC Advisor for four consecutive years.

But doesn’t mean competition wasn’t intense. Chillblast was up against some of the biggest names in the industry, including Apple, Dell, PC Specialist and Scan. In the most recent round of awards (2018), Chillblast took first place with an astounding 97% customer satisfaction rating.

The secret to our consistently high rankings and stellar customer-satisfaction ratings is simple. You see, from the time that you enquire about a Chillblast gaming computer to the moment it’s delivered, you’ll be dealing with representatives who really understand your needs. That’s because Chillblast only employs PC experts – even for customer service positions.

When you call in, you’ll rarely have to wait before speaking to a representative. And we also check our email regularly in order to offer prompt call-backs. The result is a seamless service model in which you’re kept in the loop and confident that the representative you’re dealing with understands your technical needs and expectations.

Rated ‘Excellent’ by our customers! Based on 4386 reviews
5 Year Warranty (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Given the fact that we manufacturer some of the best gaming desktops currently available, it should come as no surprise that we’re willing to stand beside our craftsmanship. Chillblast’s industry-leading warranty offers two phases of protection.

Our standard warranty begins with a two-year collect-and-return package, during which time we offer local-rate telephone support and unlimited repairs. We’ll both collect and return your custom pc at no charge. This applies to all models – whether you purchased a cheap gaming desktop or an ultra-high-spec custom built PC.

But we don’t stop there. Chillblast also offers an additional three years of warranty coverage after your collect-and-return package expires. During those three years, we’ll continue to provide labour-only support.

We believe this is one of the best warranties available from any custom PC builder in the UK. And if you’re looking for additional peace of mind, we also offer a 3 Year Gold Collect-and-Return Warranty as a potential add-on for desktop PCs specifically.

Buy a gaming desktop or custom build PC from Chillblast, and the benefits continue long after that initial five-year period. Even out of warranty, Chillblast is delighted to offer customers exclusive upgrades and repair services with discounted parts and subsidised collection, delivery and labour charges.

The full terms and conditions of our warranty can be found here.

What RTX card should I get 2080 or 2080Ti?


Buying a new graphics card, especially a high-end graphics card like an Nvidia RTX 2080 or 2080 Ti, is a big decision. Unless you're one of a select few who buy the latest and greatest every year (and if you're not sure about which to buy, that probably doesn't apply to you) then this is the card you're going to be playing games with for years to come.

So whether to get the second-best card or spend a few hundred pounds more to get the absolute best, is an important choice to make.

As with any component question, there are many personal factors which should be considered. Your personal budget is the most important and Chillblast would always advise to only buy things (computer components or otherwise) that you can reasonably afford. There are certainly plenty of more economical options if either of these cards are outside or on the limit of your respective budget.

But if you have some money to burn and want one of the most powerful graphics cards in the world, then there are some important factors to consider when it comes to making your choice.

2080 vs. 2080 Ti, what's the difference?

The 2080 Ti has almost 50 percent more shader processors than the RTX 2080 – 4,352 vs. 2,944 – which more than makes up for its lower boosted clock speed of 1,545MHz. The 2080 enjoys a clock speed in excess of 1,710MHz, depending on the manufacturer.

The 2080 Ti also enjoys much greater memory bandwidth, with 616GBps, vs. the 2080's 448GBps, thanks to its 11GB of GDDR6, where the 2080 has just 8GB. It even features more capable ray tracing and DLSS processing, with 68 vs 46 RT cores, and 544 vs. 368 tensor cores, respectively.

All of that results in real-world performance difference of between 10 and 30 percent, depending on the game or benchmark, with greater enhancement to be found with the 2080 Ti at higher resolutions and in particular with ray tracing enabled.

Ray tracing still cripples both cards at 1440p or above, but you will get a much smoother and more consistent experience with the 2080 Ti than you would with the 2080. The same goes for general 4K gaming, where the 2080 Ti remains the best card for the job, even if the 2080 does a decent job of it.

2080 vs 2080 Ti comparison table

Bang for buck

If all you care about is raw speed, there's no real question here: get the 2080 Ti. It is significantly faster than the 2080 in every game and benchmark and if you're planning to play at 4K, or with heavy ray tracing effects, it's the best card for the job.

But that's far from the whole story. The 2080 Ti is significantly more expensive. At the time of writing, you'd have to spend at least £1,000 for even a basic blower version of the card. Nvidia Founders Editions versions start at £1,150 and there are hybrid and enhanced cooling versions which can cost £1,500 or more.

Conversely, the RTX 2080 can be had for around £600, even with advanced cooling.

From the Chillblast perspective, our Fusion Ryzen 7 with an RTX 2080 under the hood costs just £1,570. In comparison, the cheapest 2080 Ti-equipped system we offer is the Fusion Ryzen 9. It's an amazing gaming PC, but it starts at £3,000. It's padded out with a 12-core AMD Ryzen 3900X – arguably the best mainstream CPU in the world right now – 32GB of high-speed memory and terabytes upon terabytes of super-fast storage. But it's still nearly double the price of the very capable RTX 2080 gaming PC.

You can twiddle the numbers a little by playing with our system configurators, pushing all of your funds into the GPU and making some savings on the processor, memory, case, storage, or cooling, but there's no getting around the fact that the RTX 2080 Ti is a very expensive graphics card. Very powerful -- only second to Nvidia's workstation-focused Titan series GPUs -- but if you care about value for money, the 2080 offers a lot more bang for buck.

To Super, or not to Super

If you're buying a new high-end Nvidia graphics card, then you'd be remiss if you didn't also consider Nvidia's latest entries in the RTX-range: the Supers. At around £500 for an aftermarket version with reasonable cooling, the RTX 2070 Super is worth considering as an alternative, as its performance is within 10 percent of the stock 2080 – that doesn't factor in overclocking, but the 2070 Super should be part of the conversation if you're considering a 2080.

But if the 2080 is your floor and the 2080 Ti your ceiling, then the more important card to consider is the 2080 Super. An enhanced version of the 2080 with 128 more CUDA cores, more than 100MHz of additional boost clock, and 15.5Gbps memory that makes it not only faster than the 2080, but faster than 2080 Ti. It doesn't have the same bandwidth as the higher-priced card due to a difference in memory totals (the 2080 Ti has 11GB where the 2080 Super still has 8GB), but that speed is noticeable and is arguably more important for gaming than the 2080 Ti's additional physical memory.

The price could be the most important factor though. At around £700 for the more modest 2080 Super graphics cards, it represents a tangible performance uplift over the stock 2080. It has additional Tensor and RT cores too, although you aren't likely to see much real-world performance improvements from them.

Real-world performance differences tend to be around the five percent mark in most games, but there are some, at higher resolutions, where it can stretch to nearly 15 percent. That's a sizeable increase over the 2080 and closes the gap with the 2080 Ti ever so slightly – for £300 less.

So, which should you buy?

As we said at the very start of this article, which graphics card you buy will always depend on your own personal limitations and interests. If you have no budget, the 2080 Ti is going to be your best bet, but if you factor in heat output, power requirements, noise, and looks, there are some third-party options that will be better suited to you than others.

If budget is important, then the 2080 Ti should be removed from the running of this race, as it's simply too expensive to really consider, especially when it's not that much faster than the others. But the 2080 vs the 2080 Super is a much harder choice to make. They're pretty close in performance and price.

The £100 buys you an additional five percent performance in some cases, but as much as 15 percent in others. If that's worth the additional money to you, then you have your answer.

But none of this invalidates the stock 2080. It's still an excellent card, with 1080 Ti-levels of performance, good ray tracing and DLSS capabilities, and a wide array of cards to choose from.

If you're still not sure which card is right for you, give us a call. Our expert system builders can talk you through your needs and requirements to find the right card for you. And we'll even help you overclock it to make sure you're getting the most for your money.