How to build a gaming laptop

It’s pretty obvious that there aren’t as many customisation options when building a gaming laptop vs building a desktop. However, laptops aren’t totally devoid of customisation; your dream laptop doesn’t have to stay a dream forever.

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Building The Ultimate Small Form Factor PC

We wanted to build the ultimate SFF gaming rig, so chose the two most powerful products on the market today – the formidable 16-Core Ryzen 9 3950X and the exceptionally fast GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Video Card. The question is, can we tame these in a case small enough to fit inside a compact rucksack?

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How to use your Phone as a Webcam for your PC

Surely there must be a way to harness the power of your smart phone’s camera and use it as a webcam if your current model has low resolution or poor low light handling? Fortunately, there is! And if you do it right, you won’t even have to connect the phone to the PC via a cable.

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