The Best 5 PCs For Minecraft in 2020
Chillblast take a look at the best gaming PCs between £499 and £1299, for all your Minecraft needs!

The Best 5 PCs For Minecraft in 2020

Whether you are looking just to play without lag or get everything uploaded to YouTube, we take a look at the best desktop gaming PCs for Minecraft.

So, you want to play Minecraft. So do we. Right now. But we can’t as we’re working so we may as well let you know how you can. You might have been playing on mobile and looking to upgrade to the full PC experience or perhaps you’ve been playing on PC but your machine just doesn’t want to play ball. Whatever the reason, you’ve realised you need a dedicated graphics card and a PC from us so we’ve picked out a selection of our best PCs for Minecraft. From £475 to £1370, Chillblast have got something to meet every budget and demand.

No.5: Chillblast Fusion Imp (£474.99 inc VAT)

Image of the Chillblast Fusion Imp gaming PC

Our lowest cost option for you budget-oriented gamers. The Chillblast Fusion Imp comes in at just £475. It features a powerful 4 core Ryzen 3 3200G processor with Radeon Vega 8 graphics. It comes stacked with 8GBs of RAM and a 1TB Harddrive, making it perfect for storing your games, mods, skins and saves. The built-in graphics are more than enough to handle Minecraft on the lower settings and resolutions. 

Ideal for:

Playing Minecraft on Low – Mid graphics settings

No.4: Fusion Fiend (£719.99 inc VAT)

Image of the Chillblast Fusion Fiend gaming PC

The Fusion Fiend steps things up a notch from the above Fusion Imp. It features the same AMD Ryzen 3 3200G Quad-Core processor, but it’s backed up with a strong Nvidia GTX 1650 super Graphics Card. The dedicated graphics card, combined with 8GBs of RAM and an improved 1TB Solid State Hybrid Drive make it ideal for playing Minecraft on those higher settings. Load Time will be greatly decreased with the Solid State portion of the storage drive provide quick access to those game files. 

Ideal for:

Minecraft on Mid – High graphics settings
Everyday computing tasks and light video/photo editing

No.3: Fusion Sentinel (£869.99 inc VAT)

Image of the Chillblast Fusion Sentinel PC

Upping the power in ALL areas and adding a 120GB Seagate SSD into the mix, the Sentinel is a powerful Minecraft machine. An i5 9400F is on CPU duties backed up by a huge 16GB of RAM, making it ideal for all the post-game editing of your footage. Nvidia’s 1650 super 4GB card means superior frame rates at whatever settings you want to crank things up to and the Seagate SSD means ultra-fast loading times for your operating system whilst the 1TB Hardrive gives ample recording space.

Ideal for:

Playing, Minecraft at High settings
Recording, Editing and Uploading Content
Playing Other games at Medium settings

No.2: Fusion Ryzen 5 GTX 1660 Super Custom Gaming PC (£1069.99 inc VAT)

Image of the Fusion Ryzen 5 GTX 1660 Super Custom Gaming PC

This machine steps things up to a level that sees you playing Minecraft at the highest settings, whilst recording or streaming, and gives you room to play a lot more of the more demanding titles released today. It features a strong Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core CPU and a 1660 Nvidia graphics card. It’s got an ample 16GB Ram for those background processes and the NVMe 250GB SSD Drive is one of the fastest storage drives on the market. The system features an addition 1TB Drive for all of your extra games, recordings and editing files. 

Ideal for:

Playing Minecraft on the Highest Settings
Recording or Streaming your Gameplay
Plenty of power for video editing
Power to play Triple-A Games now and in the future

No.1: Fusion RTX 2060 Super Custom Gaming PC (£1369.99 inc VAT)

Image of the Chillblast Fusion RTX 2060 Super Custom Gaming PC

This system steps things up well beyond what you need to be able to just “play” Minecraft. This system has the horsepower to run modded Minecraft, even your own Minecraft server if you need it to. It features a 6-core Intel Processor, and an Nvidea GTX 2060 super 8GB Graphics card. It has 16GB of RAM, an amazingly fast 250GB NVMe Solid State drive and a 1TB Hard Drive. It’ll handle most modern games without a fuss, and give you the power you need to be able to record, stream, edit and upload, for years to come. 

Ideal for:

A superior gaming experience across all new games
Playing, recording and streaming
Editing and uploading
Server hosting (internet speed dependent)

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