Chillblast Championships #01 - WINNER

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£2,000 Prize Pool!

Watch Chillblast Championship 01 Grand Finals

Chillblast Championships #01 was our first University student Esports tournament, which kicked off Friday November 25th, with 32 teams battling it out in CounterStrike: Global Offensive for a prize pool of £2000 in vouchers!

Check out our live streams and the matches & results page for more information on the tournament!

Counter-Strike is the most popular competitive video game first-person shooter. Global Offensive is the newest instalment in the franchise; a multiplayer first-person shooter with objectives. Players take on the roles of terrorists or counter-terrorists and must achieve goals while aiming to kill the opposing squad.

At the start of each game, players purchase weapons and equipment, with money provided based on their performance in previous rounds. Players gain money by completing tasks such as placing the bomb, defusing the device, or killing an adversary.

A competitive game is divided into 30 rounds, with each round lasting no more than 1 minute and 55 seconds. The game is won by the first team to win 16 rounds. To win a match, a team will need to win two out of three games (BO3), or win a match outright (BO1).

Selected CC01 Group Stage and knockout games will be streamed live with hosts & commentary, and all quarter finals, semi finals and grand finals matches will be streamed via Twitch. The Grand Finals will take place at Warwick University Esports Centre, live and in-person.

The CC01 live streamed match VODs are available on the Chillblast CC01 Live Stream page.

"What does the word Champion mean to you?"