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Chillblast X Case Study: Jack Links

by Mark Byrne

Chillblast worked with fellow FNATIC esports team sponsor Jack Links to create a custom Chillblast X system adorned with Jack Links branding and artwork. The project spotlights their role as sponsor, but goes much further in creating engagement with their market, demonstrating their love for esports.


By collaborating with the Chillblast team and creating a Chillblast X PC, Jack Links was able to create a unique marketing tool that aligned perfectly with their target audience. The custom PC system provided a unique way for Jack Links to showcase their brand identity in a visually striking and engaging way, generating greater brand recognition and awareness.

The Chillblast X system also offered Jack Links the opportunity to go the extra mile, and engage with their target market on a more personal level. By creating a custom PC that resonated with the gaming community, Jack Links was able to build stronger relationships with their customers and demonstrate their love for esports.

The Chillblast X Process

The project involved a meaningful design process, ensuring that the custom artwork aligned with the Jack Links brand guidelines and maintained the aesthetic appeal of the Chillblast X system.

The Chillblast team worked closely with Jack Links to create a design that met their requirements while providing a visually awesome product that would resonate with the target market.

Once the design was finalised, the Chillblast X team created the custom artwork and applied it to the PC case. The result is a stunning system that features the iconic Jack Links branding and imagery.

Why Chillblast X?

The Chillblast X case study with Jack Links exemplifies the importance of strategic partnerships and custom branding in increasing customer engagement and loyalty. By adopting a creative approach to marketing, businesses can create unique and effective tools that resonate with their target audience, resulting in increased brand recognition and growth. Through their collaboration with Chillblast X, Jack Links was able to create a visually striking marketing tool that effectively engaged with their target audience, resulting in greater customer engagement and brand recognition.

The Chillblast X service is not just for brands, however. Any PC enthusiast or gamer can benefit from the Chillblast X process by having a customised PC system that reflects their personality and style. By working with Chillblast, custom artwork can be applied to a high specification PC case and components.

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